Doing-It-All-Yourself – Small Business Development California – The Myth


Multi-Tasking in Your Small Business Development

Orange County California small business owners often think that if they can do it their selves, it will save them money and help out business growth. Business owners don’t want to waste money outsourcing any of the work they need to do in marketing, delivery, incorporation attorneys, accounting, or sales. While some of the work you can do yourself and end up just fine, such as accounting and delivery, marketing and sales are an entirely different game.

You might have read a few books on marketing, or think that you know everything about marketing to be able to do it yourself, but there’s quite a bit of information that you don’t know that you don’t know. A qualified marketing team knows everything there is to know about marketing and can create a better marketing strategy than you could ever make if you did it yourself. There’s a reason that there are countless firms and people that specialize in marketing, because not everyone can do it easily.

You are Biased and Subjective About Your Business Development

Besides not being nearly as good as a specialist, you’ll also tend to be a lot more subjective. Great marketing strategies have always needed to come from unbiased, objective people. A business owner will usually be incredibly passionate about their business development, and while passion is a good thing in general, it will make a person subjective. You need to see everything that you’re doing wrong in your marketing, which a lot of business owners are unable to do–simply because they’re subjective. Great CEOs have benefited from having a marketing team instead of doing it their selves.

Even if you had all the know-how with marketing in the world, you’d be at a disadvantage to marketing specialists. Most of them have a knack for marketing, and know how to sell a product, something that you can’t hope to match no matter what classes you go to or what books you read.

Going along with the talent required to create great marketing, you need to remember that marketing is a lot more than just a formulaic process that you can follow to a tee and pull out great marketing. You’ll need a lot of creativity to make a great marketing strategy. Using the same marketing strategy of thousands of different companies might help bring in some sales, but it’s nothing compared to a unique and custom built strategy based on your product and company.

Specialists will also have a better grasp of what types of marketing strategies you should focus on, whether you should invest more into SEO content, or content marketing, or even just improve the design or readability of your sites or blogs. Be sure to avoid business development scams and don’t believe everything you hear from a ‘magic marketing company’.

Another thing to realize is that you physically cannot do everything yourself, business development is already very demanding. You are human, and have limited capabilities. There is only so much time in the day to get everything done, and as you have more business growth, you’re going to have to cram more and more things into your day. It’s a lot of hard work, and even if you’re able to squash everything into one day with a few hours of sleep, it’s definitely not sustainable, and at some point you’re going to crack.

It’s Not Only Wasting Your Time, but It’s Ruining Your Business Growth

Doing it all yourself is not as cost effective as you think. Sure you’ll save a few bucks on marketing, but you won’t get nearly as much money out of it as you would if you went to a professional marketing firm or hired a professional marketing team for your company. The key to making the best out of marketing is to find the right person for the job. There are great marketers that you can find to add to your company, and don’t just hire the first person you find for the job.

Don’t feel you are making enough revenue to hire a marketing person? Remember, there are options, there are a lot of good marketing people out there that are willing to work part time, as 1099 employees or work just on specific projects. Remember it’s about working smarter not harder!

And also remember to factor in what your time is worth. If you’re spending countless hours on a marketing project and can’t focus as well or put as much time into other projects, you’re going to make a lot less money.You’re going to create work that someone who’s taken a few courses or read a few books could make, and hiring someone like that is a lot cheaper than wasting your time–time that is worth a great deal of money for what you do.