Small Furniture Business in Orange County, California

There are many people who put up small businesses, and a few of them become very successful. One of the most successful small businesses is the furniture design store, Robert Westley Designs. This family-run business is located at South Coast Collection (SOCO) shopping center in Costa Mesa, California. Andy Gale of Incorporation Attorneys was one of the people who helped Robert start this business and has witnessed it progress into the robust business that it is now.

The Struggles Of Robert Westley Designs Furniture Business

The road to success was not a smooth one. Robert recalls that their family business went through a lot of challenges, and one of the toughest was in 2007. In that year, the country’s economy kept rising and falling unstably. Many businesses suffered losses, including those in the furniture design trade. Interior designers were losing jobs back then, because capital spending towards home improvement was on a freeze. If they were lucky, interior designers could get a job designing items within homes, but rarely more.

Good Management and Effective Marketing Strategies are Keys to Success

It took good management for this family run business to survive all these years. One of the things that Robert did to keep this business running was create effective marketing strategies. One marketing strategy that he employed was to give out incentives and discounts to interior designers who used and promoted their line of products.

Robert understood the importance of having a good location for any small business as well. Robert Westley Designs is located in the SOCO shopping center in Costa Mesa, Orange County, for a very good reason. The SOCO strip is a lifestyle center because it has elegant wine bars, classy tea cafes, beautiful coffee shops, delicious pastry stores and so on. Putting up a furniture business here is a wise choice because many people frequent this place. When people are looking for furniture, they would rather go to a lifestyle center than to a furniture shop that stands alone. This way, they can go to the other stores before or after they purchase their furniture. SOCO is also a good location because there are now very few furniture shops in San Diego, and so people choose to go down there.

Small Businesses Can Be Run Your Way

Small businesses can be personalized. In other words, you can run it in any way you want. Robert Westley Design is made to be a family run business. The entire family plays a role in running and promoting the furniture business. Robert, the father, designs the furniture and manages the store while his son, Westley, markets the business online. Since the family is the one running the business, it can be passed down from one generation to another.