Wine Cellar Construction a Booming Small Business Market? California and..?

Custom Wine Cellars, the new hot tubs?  Some say they are.  In fact a surprising number of people, both from the end user market and also a lot of those owning commercial small businesses are having a purpose built custom wine room installed.

Commercial Wine Displays & Restaurant Wine Cellars

Some, as in the case of restaurant owners see a cooled and highly visible wine cellar as an opportunity to expand their merchandise into more up-market select wines.  In this economic climate, any opportunity to increase profits without the need to find more customers can be seen as a significant boon.

By creating a stunning wine display highly visible to clients, the overall impression can be that the establishment is one where high quality wine are available.  In interviews with our small business hospitality community it has been suggested that clients will often spend two to three times as much on a bottle of wine if they believe they are sampling something special.

Residential Home Wine Cellar Room Conversions

For home owners too, converting an unused or uninteresting basement room into a beautiful wine cellar can create a visually exciting and unusual feature in their home.  A home feature that can provide direct benefits such as storing and properly aging a wine collection as well as a location for entertainment, or even a wine tasting party.

Wine Room Construction – Strongest Markets

Locations where this market is reported to be particularly strong are reported to be in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, California, New York & New Jersey, South Florida particularly Miami and West Palm Beach.  Also Chicago, Illinois & Dallas in Texas.

Wine Cellar Builders – Small Local Businesses with Focus

Custom wine cellar builders and wine refrigeration construction contractors are often general builders, finished carpenters and HVAC engineers who have discovered this exciting and growing niche to focus on.  Being a general builder or contractor in growth times can be lucrative, however in down markets life can be difficult and many can go out of business.

Smart small business owners can do well if they can find an alternative to general contracting work in a very specific niche, one where they can port their skills to provide services that are in demand.  The value of a narrow niche can be that it may be perceived as very specialized allowing higher fees as well as making it possible for laser targeted marketing.  Focus on marketing of this kind can produce excellent results.

Best of all, the custom wine cellar room conversion market seems all set to keep growing!

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