CNC Routers are Essential to Making Trade Show Booth

Trade show booths are essential marketing tools for companies who are launching new products and services at trade fairs and conventions.  These display devices provide a platform for companies to present and promote their product line to attendees and visitors.  These exhibits are designed to capture audience attention by making use of catch phrases and attractive images.

Tradeshow booth California displays vary in terms of size, design, and configuration.  Most exhibits include colorful images mounted on wall surfaces, retractable banner displays, and suspended signage.  Tradeshow booth configurations may come in the form of an island booth, standard in-line booth, peninsula booth, and split island exhibit.

trade show booth is an extension of a company’s identity and image.  Hence, it is important that these structures are impeccably put together.  In order for an exhibit booth to be highly functional, accuracy and precision should be taken into account during the manufacturing stages of these displays.  When these conditions are applied, the end result is a device that can easily accommodate display needs and requirements of exhibitors.

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There are a number of companies in the trade show supplies industry that are in the business of designing and producing custom trade show displays.  Trade show companies manufacture various forms of displays, such as aluminum extrusion booths, custom modular hybrid displays, small pop up displays, or a 2 story structure.

Fabric, laminate, aluminum, and metal are some of the common trade show supplies used in creating display booths.  To achieve accuracy and precision in their exhibits, trade show display manufacturers use CNC routers in the production process.

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CNC router stands for Computer Numerical Control router.  It is a computer controlled industrial tool that is used for cutting hard elements such as steel, wood, aluminum, plastic, and foam.  This shaping machine is available in small format and large format solutions.

Since the CNC router is controlled by a computer, the machine follows a set of G-code instructions that instruct it to follow a path and carry out an operation.  CNC routers run on two applications: one creates technical designs and converts those designs into machine language instructions (or G-code).  These machines are engineered to perform the same tasks in succession, thus increasing the rate of productivity.

Aside from improving productivity levels, CNC routers allow trade show manufacturers to produce consistent and exact pieces with a very high accuracy rate.  The efficiency of computer controlled routers ensures high repeatability and limits the number of errors.  Since CNC machines are designed to operate with precision, this will potentially result in smooth and evenly shaped slots and frames that can be used as display wall surfaces of a trade show booth.

CNC routers provide trade show display manufacturers with various design and configuration options.  Uniformly trimmed components allow for numerous reconfiguration solutions that can address different needs and requirements of exhibitors.  All in all, CNC routers ensure that each piece and part that comprises a display booth is shaped with accuracy and precision, and thus provides flexibility in terms of structure and design.

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