Commercial Wine Cellars and Wine Racks – Enhancing Business Reputation and Revenue

Wine cellars are an ideal storage facility for wines.  They are found not only in residential locations but also in hospitality settings, such as restaurants, bars, wine retail stores, hotels and more.

Commercial wine cellars can hold hundreds up to several thousands of wine bottles for storage and/or display purposes.  Today, commercial wine cellars and commercial wine racks are built not only as storage facilities, but also as attractive hospitality wine display furniture that can help wine businesses entice more customers and increase their revenues.

Wine Cellar SPecialists is one of the leading wine racks and commercial wine cellar builders.  They design and build both residential and commercial wine cellars in Illinois, New Jersey, Louisiana, Texas and other regions.

Bistro de la Reine Commercial Wine Racks

Bistro de la Reine Commercial Wine Cellars

Bistro de la Reine Commercial Wine Cellars

One of the most attractive commercial wine cellars they designed and constructed is in Bistro de la Reine in Louisiana.  This Bistro is an ideal place to spend a pleasurable evening in Slidell, a place near New Orleans.  It’s a Wine Store and Wine Bar that offers specialty drinks, including more than 700 wines and beers that are brewed locally.

Commercial Wine Cellars Specialists designed this hospitality wine display and storage facility by combining kit wine racks with custom commercial wine racks to produce a very creative look at an affordable price.  Included in the construction are custom cabinets and wine retail display stackers.

They’ve designed the commercial wine racks to have a custom-built look by adding crown and base moldings.  The wood specie used is Premium Redwood, which is known for its natural beauty and soft earth tone color scheme.  The stylish appearance is achieved by adding a rustic stain and a lacquer finish to the Premium Redwood wine racks.

Wine Lockers - Bistro de la Reine Commercial Wine Cellars

Wine Lockers – Bistro de la Reine Commercial Wine Cellars

The special features for this commercial wine cellar project are the reclaimed wine barrel table top, the real wine barrels stationed at both ends of the cash register area and the Commercial Double Reveal Aisle Wine Display Kit Wine Racks at the center.  Another distinctive feature is the array of wine lockers that they offer to regular customers so they can leave the wines they bought and drink them when they dine at the Bistro.

Commercial Wine Cellars in Wine Store New Jersey

Commercial  Wine Racks - New Jersey Wine Store

Commercial Wine Racks – New Jersey Wine Store

Another project by Commercial Wine Cellars Specialists is in a wine store in New Jersey. For this project, both modular and custom commercial wine racks were used.  This custom Commercial Wine Racks New Jersey Twin Cities project was built primarily to increase the wine storage capacity, to provide space for showcasing of featured wines, and to augment their reputation as a trusted supplier of quality wines.

Wine Cellar Specialists and the wine store owner are happy to have fulfilled these goals when the commercial wine racks installation were completed, and the sales were reported to have increased by 18 percent!  Indeed, commercial wine displays have a significant impact on a wine store’s revenue.

Exemplary Commercial Wine Cellars Michigan

A truly unique wine cellar, Bob’s commercial wine cellar is 14 feet tall, making it the tallest commercial wine cellar that Commercial Wine Cellars Specialists has ever built.  Although the floor space is very limited, this wine cellar can efficiently accommodate up to 1,508 wine bottles.

Hospitality Wine Display - Bob's Commercial Wine Cellars Michigan.jpg

Hospitality Wine Display – Bob’s Commercial Wine Cellars Michigan.jpg

The main feature of this commercial wine cellar is perhaps the rolling ladder, which is very functional, as it can be unhooked and transferred from one side to the other, and for safety purposes, dual hand rails were added to the rolling ladder.

The cellar is built with custom wine racks made of unfinished Premium Redwood.  The custom commercial wine racks are a combination of lattice horizontal display racks, high reveal display rows, and diamond bins for bulk wine storage.

This wine cellar is regarded as a center feature of Bob’s restaurant in Detroit, as it is located in the center of a large dining room.  Customers admire this unique feature in Bob’s restaurant, and this has boosted the reputation of his business.

These three commercial wine cellars are among the best wine cellar projects that Wine Cellar Specialists have designed and built.  They exude the quality, uniqueness and functionality that every business owner in the hospitality industry would want out of a commercial wine storage and hospitality wine display facility.