Commercial Wine Cellars and Wine Racks – Enhancing Business Reputation and Revenue

Wine cellars are an ideal storage facility for wines.  They are found not only in residential locations but also in hospitality settings, such as restaurants, bars, wine retail stores, hotels and more.

Commercial wine cellars can hold hundreds up to several thousands of wine bottles for storage and/or display purposes.  Today, commercial wine cellars and commercial wine racks are built not only as storage facilities, but also as attractive hospitality wine display furniture that can help wine businesses entice more customers and increase their revenues.

Wine Cellar SPecialists is one of the leading wine racks and commercial wine cellar builders.  They design and build both residential and commercial wine cellars in Illinois, New Jersey, Louisiana, Texas and other regions.

Bistro de la Reine Commercial Wine Racks

Bistro de la Reine Commercial Wine Cellars

Bistro de la Reine Commercial Wine Cellars

One of the most attractive commercial wine cellars they designed and constructed is in Bistro de la Reine in Louisiana.  This Bistro is an ideal place to spend a pleasurable evening in Slidell, a place near New Orleans.  It’s a Wine Store and Wine Bar that offers specialty drinks, including more than 700 wines and beers that are brewed locally.

Commercial Wine Cellars Specialists designed this hospitality wine display and storage facility by combining kit wine racks with custom commercial wine racks to produce a very creative look at an affordable price.  Included in the construction are custom cabinets and wine retail display stackers.

They’ve designed the commercial wine racks to have a custom-built look by adding crown and base moldings.  The wood specie used is Premium Redwood, which is known for its natural beauty and soft earth tone color scheme.  The stylish appearance is achieved by adding a rustic stain and a lacquer finish to the Premium Redwood wine racks.

Wine Lockers - Bistro de la Reine Commercial Wine Cellars

Wine Lockers – Bistro de la Reine Commercial Wine Cellars

The special features for this commercial wine cellar project are the reclaimed wine barrel table top, the real wine barrels stationed at both ends of the cash register area and the Commercial Double Reveal Aisle Wine Display Kit Wine Racks at the center.  Another distinctive feature is the array of wine lockers that they offer to regular customers so they can leave the wines they bought and drink them when they dine at the Bistro.

Commercial Wine Cellars in Wine Store New Jersey

Commercial  Wine Racks - New Jersey Wine Store

Commercial Wine Racks – New Jersey Wine Store

Another project by Commercial Wine Cellars Specialists is in a wine store in New Jersey. For this project, both modular and custom commercial wine racks were used.  This custom Commercial Wine Racks New Jersey Twin Cities project was built primarily to increase the wine storage capacity, to provide space for showcasing of featured wines, and to augment their reputation as a trusted supplier of quality wines.

Wine Cellar Specialists and the wine store owner are happy to have fulfilled these goals when the commercial wine racks installation were completed, and the sales were reported to have increased by 18 percent!  Indeed, commercial wine displays have a significant impact on a wine store’s revenue.

Exemplary Commercial Wine Cellars Michigan

A truly unique wine cellar, Bob’s commercial wine cellar is 14 feet tall, making it the tallest commercial wine cellar that Commercial Wine Cellars Specialists has ever built.  Although the floor space is very limited, this wine cellar can efficiently accommodate up to 1,508 wine bottles.

Hospitality Wine Display - Bob's Commercial Wine Cellars Michigan.jpg

Hospitality Wine Display – Bob’s Commercial Wine Cellars Michigan.jpg

The main feature of this commercial wine cellar is perhaps the rolling ladder, which is very functional, as it can be unhooked and transferred from one side to the other, and for safety purposes, dual hand rails were added to the rolling ladder.

The cellar is built with custom wine racks made of unfinished Premium Redwood.  The custom commercial wine racks are a combination of lattice horizontal display racks, high reveal display rows, and diamond bins for bulk wine storage.

This wine cellar is regarded as a center feature of Bob’s restaurant in Detroit, as it is located in the center of a large dining room.  Customers admire this unique feature in Bob’s restaurant, and this has boosted the reputation of his business.

These three commercial wine cellars are among the best wine cellar projects that Wine Cellar Specialists have designed and built.  They exude the quality, uniqueness and functionality that every business owner in the hospitality industry would want out of a commercial wine storage and hospitality wine display facility.

Legal Issues are Common for All Business Owners

Starting a business can be both exciting and challenging. Those who want to venture into starting a small business should be prepared for the challenges that may come their way. A few of the most common problems faced by businesspeople are legal issues. A lot of business owners tend to overlook the potential legal pitfalls that they may encounter. Legal issues can shut down an entire business faster than the business owners can react. If you plan to start a small business, you need to avoid all these legal pitfalls in order to preserve a lot of time and money later on. Of course, having a corporate attorney contracted is one of the wisest ways to make sure that you get assistance in all the legal aspects of your business. Here are a few other things that you should do in order to protect your business from damages cause by legal pitfalls:

Know Your Intellectual Properties and Protect Them

Generally, businesses have their own intellectual property, this includes trademarks, patents, trade secrets, domain names and copyrights. These things give a business an identity; they make the company different from the others. In order to protect the value of a business, a business owner should protect all intellectual property. Early in the start of the business, a business owner should build a portfolio that contains the rights to all intellectual properties and create an agreement stating that everyone in the company who has access to this private information must commit to not use these outside of the business.

Have A Good Understanding About Employment Law

Many businesses encounter a lot of problems simply because they do not understand employment law. Employment law covers various issues that need to be understood well, such as fair salaries and different kinds of discrimination towards employees. Problems between employer and employees can be avoided if you know the law and adhere to it faithfully.

Have A Competent Corporate Attorney Contracted

All businesses will face legal concerns, and most entrepreneurs are not lawyers, nor do are they very knowledgeable of legal terminologies and regulations. This is why it is very important to have a corporate lawyer contracted for the company. You, as a business owner, can focus on running your company while you let your corporate attorney handle the legal matters.

Strive To Maintain Customer Satisfaction

There are different kinds of dissatisfied customers. There are those who would talk bad about your company, there are those who would simply not go back to you and there are those who would file lawsuits. This is why it is imperative that your products and services deliver what you promise, and if anything goes wrong, be sure to address the issue promptly. Ensure the quality of all your products and services to avoid unnecessary lawsuits that can destroy your company’s reputation.

Ensure Proper Licensing

The law requires that all businesses have the necessary permits and licenses for operation. Each business differs in permits and licenses, depending on the state where that company is in. Know what your state requires and obtain the necessary permits and licenses before starting your small business. Your corporate lawyer can assist you in this.


Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in California

Good marketing is the secret to the success for any small business. Marketing is something that needs to be planned well, because without planning, you will simply be wasting resources on little to no results. Here are a few tips on how to be successful in your marketing endeavors:

Good Communication is Personal and Authentic

Marketing involves a lot of communication. A good business is able to communicate its message clearly to its potential customers. In the world of marketing, social media is at the forefront when it comes to communication. Because of this, it is very possible for entrepreneurs to communicate with their customers at a personal level. People respond better when they know a real live person is talking to them.  If you opt to use newsletters, write them in a personal tone because customers are inclined to respond when they feel that you actually care for them.

Use Your Existing Network

Use your existing network: your friends, workmates, social network contacts, and so on, to your benefit. Utilize these people in gathering potential customers. One way you can do this is by providing incentives to people willing to refer your products and services to others. Incentives may be deals, discounts, and rewards related to your products and services. Encourage those who have tried your products and services to post testimonials about your business as well.

Make the Most of Google Ranking

Being ranked on top of Google can benefit your business a lot, but it takes a lot of effort to get there, not to mention a lot of money. Luckily there are many affordable ways to get to the top of Google ranking. One method is to put your small business in California on Google Maps. Also, set up a blog or website for your business. Don’t forget that being active on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter, as well as posting links that drive traffic to your blog or website are highly effective marketing techniques.

Photos and Videos Are Your Assets

People share interesting photos and videos on social media. Consistently post photos and videos on your website or blog and social media pages so that people may be drawn to then share them on their pages and thus increase traffic to your site. Photos and videos do not necessarily have to be created by your small business. They can be of other things that are related to your business or to your products and services as well.

Wine Cellar Design – Accessorize your Wine Cellar Using Wine Barrel Carvings

As the trend in collecting and displaying wines continue to grow, residential and commercial wine cellar builders are taking steps to come up with a new and interesting wine cellar design, from the entryway to the lighting scheme, flooring design and wine cellar accessories.

One of the most interesting ways of accessorizing a wine cellar is adding a wine barrel carving art piece.  This creative décor is something that any wine cellar owner should be excited about.

Wine Barrels

                                Wine Barrels Used in Wine Barrel Carving

Wine barrels are used as storage containers specifically during wine aging and transporting of wines.  Wine barrels are made of wood and can be recycled into various decorative pieces after they have served their purpose as wine storage containers (wine barrels have an average life span of three years).  Reclaimed wine barrels are preferred by most artisans because of the characteristic historic appeal they conjure.

Only a few wood artisans are passionate enough to continue the art of hand carving wine barrels, and one of them is the ingenious Peter Forbes.  He works hand in hand with Coastal Custom Wine Cellars to offer clients who want to provide their wine cellar with a unique wine barrel carving design. This is also a way for Coastal to promote the company’s business growth in the wine cellar design industry.

Clients can present their own design to the artisan ,or the artisan can work with the clients to produce a wine barrel carving design that suits their preference.  Peter starts his wine barrel carving art work with a sketch and then presents it to the client for approval.  Once the client approves, he will then start to hand-carve the design to produce an exquisite wine cellar adornment.

The good thing about wine barrel carvings is that they can take various forms: barrels on stands, corporate logos, driftwood pieces, wall-mounted painting and paddles, table tops, signage and many other creative configurations that can be done with reclaimed wine barrels.

Wine Barrel Carvings in Various Forms

                        Wine Barrel Carvings in Various Forms

The part of the wine barrel most often used in carving is the barrel head.  The barrel head has a diameter of approximately 24 inches and weight of 32 pounds on average.  The hoops and staves that surround the barrel head measure about four to five inches.

The limitless wine barrel carving design that the skillful Peter Forbes can carve as well as paint into the barrel head offer clients a wide array of styles to choose from.  There are cave man paintings, train station paintings, lake paintings, eagles, spiders, bears, cupcakes, grape fruits, vineyards and basically any carving styles that the mind can conceive.

Look at these finished wine barrel carvings that Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers to their clients:

Wine Barrel Carving Design

                                                      Wine Barrel Carving Design

If you are just starting on your wine cellar design and want to include wine barrel carvings, it is best to consult Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and request their free consultation and wine cellar design package. Their genuine service, quality wine cellar projects and wine storage products, and uniquely designed wine cellar accessories can surely help you build your dream wine cellar, may it be for personal or commercial use.

Small Furniture Business in Orange County, California

There are many people who put up small businesses, and a few of them become very successful. One of the most successful small businesses is the furniture design store, Robert Westley Designs. This family-run business is located at South Coast Collection (SOCO) shopping center in Costa Mesa, California. Andy Gale of Incorporation Attorneys was one of the people who helped Robert start this business and has witnessed it progress into the robust business that it is now.

The Struggles Of Robert Westley Designs Furniture Business

The road to success was not a smooth one. Robert recalls that their family business went through a lot of challenges, and one of the toughest was in 2007. In that year, the country’s economy kept rising and falling unstably. Many businesses suffered losses, including those in the furniture design trade. Interior designers were losing jobs back then, because capital spending towards home improvement was on a freeze. If they were lucky, interior designers could get a job designing items within homes, but rarely more.

Good Management and Effective Marketing Strategies are Keys to Success

It took good management for this family run business to survive all these years. One of the things that Robert did to keep this business running was create effective marketing strategies. One marketing strategy that he employed was to give out incentives and discounts to interior designers who used and promoted their line of products.

Robert understood the importance of having a good location for any small business as well. Robert Westley Designs is located in the SOCO shopping center in Costa Mesa, Orange County, for a very good reason. The SOCO strip is a lifestyle center because it has elegant wine bars, classy tea cafes, beautiful coffee shops, delicious pastry stores and so on. Putting up a furniture business here is a wise choice because many people frequent this place. When people are looking for furniture, they would rather go to a lifestyle center than to a furniture shop that stands alone. This way, they can go to the other stores before or after they purchase their furniture. SOCO is also a good location because there are now very few furniture shops in San Diego, and so people choose to go down there.

Small Businesses Can Be Run Your Way

Small businesses can be personalized. In other words, you can run it in any way you want. Robert Westley Design is made to be a family run business. The entire family plays a role in running and promoting the furniture business. Robert, the father, designs the furniture and manages the store while his son, Westley, markets the business online. Since the family is the one running the business, it can be passed down from one generation to another.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars – A Leader in the Wine Cellar Construction Industry

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the leading wine cellar builders California. With more than 10 years of invincible experience in wine cellar construction, Coastal continues to prove its expertise and reliability by providing excellent wine storage products and services for wine collectors and wine business owners.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders California

                Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders California

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has successfully designed and built several residential and commercial custom wine cellars in various parts of the United States. The completed projects were stunning and the clients were more than satisfied with the results! Wine cellar construction is indeed a worthwhile business endeavor these days.

We will feature some of the best custom wine cellars they have designed and built. We are pretty sure you will envy the owners.

Residential Custom Wine Cellars Project St. Louis Missouri 

Custom Wine Cellars St. Louis Missouri - Coastal Project

 Custom Wine Cellars St. Louis Missouri – Coastal Project

This residential wine cellar was built in St. Louis Missouri for the Cherrick family. It features a combination of traditional and modern design, which the Coastal design team did perfectly. It is fully equipped with a climate control system and has a storage capacity of 926 wine bottles.

The wine racks were made of All Heart Redwood, a wood type that is highly durable and perfect for long-term wine storage. The custom wine racks used were actually a combination of various wine rack designs that were put together to allow for a very good wine storage and display management.

The most interesting thing about this wine cellar is the wine cellar flooring. They used Napa Valley oak wine barrels to create a uniquely gorgeous flooring design. (Learn how old oak wine barrels create this stunning look by watching the videos found here).

Custom Wine Cellars Santa Ana California – A Residential Renovation 

Custom Wine Cellars Santa Ana CA with Malaysian Mahogany Wine Racks

Custom Wine Cellars Santa Ana by Coastal Wine Cellar Builders California

A part of a large residential renovation project of the owners Dwight and Marianne Titus, this beautiful wine room is another pride of Coastal.  The owners wanted their old school wet bar to be transformed into something more useful – thus the idea of a purpose built custom wine cellar was thought of.

The people from Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders California worked together with the interior designer for this renovation job.  Take a look at this raw canvas they came up with and the three-dimensional design that Coastal created for this project:

This residential wine cellar can accommodate up to 585 wine bottles, 50 of which can be displayed horizontally.  One of the most noticeable features of this wine room is the crescent shaped table top and the diamond shaped wine bin intended for storage of large format wine bottles.  All of the wine racks are made of Malaysian Mahogany, to which were applied a rustic wood stain and a clear lacquer finish for a classy look.

Coastal brilliantly installed the cooling unit for this wine cellar.  The equipment is covered with a custom made louvered grill (the same wood material as the wine racks) so no mechanical parts are visible.  The type of lighting used allows illumination of selected wines; this added to the stylish and elegant look of the wine room.

Wine Cellar Construction - Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders California

Wine Cellar Construction – Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders California

There are a lot more custom wine cellars that Coastal has successfully completed. Check out the other projects by visiting Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builders California now!

CNC Routers are Essential to Making Trade Show Booth

Trade show booths are essential marketing tools for companies who are launching new products and services at trade fairs and conventions.  These display devices provide a platform for companies to present and promote their product line to attendees and visitors.  These exhibits are designed to capture audience attention by making use of catch phrases and attractive images.

Tradeshow booth California displays vary in terms of size, design, and configuration.  Most exhibits include colorful images mounted on wall surfaces, retractable banner displays, and suspended signage.  Tradeshow booth configurations may come in the form of an island booth, standard in-line booth, peninsula booth, and split island exhibit.

trade show booth is an extension of a company’s identity and image.  Hence, it is important that these structures are impeccably put together.  In order for an exhibit booth to be highly functional, accuracy and precision should be taken into account during the manufacturing stages of these displays.  When these conditions are applied, the end result is a device that can easily accommodate display needs and requirements of exhibitors.

Visit here!

  Trade Show Supplies by GreveCo Trade Show Booths & Displays

There are a number of companies in the trade show supplies industry that are in the business of designing and producing custom trade show displays.  Trade show companies manufacture various forms of displays, such as aluminum extrusion booths, custom modular hybrid displays, small pop up displays, or a 2 story structure.

Fabric, laminate, aluminum, and metal are some of the common trade show supplies used in creating display booths.  To achieve accuracy and precision in their exhibits, trade show display manufacturers use CNC routers in the production process.

Click here to view samples of trade show booth displays!

GreveCo – Makers of TradeShow Booth DIsplays

CNC router stands for Computer Numerical Control router.  It is a computer controlled industrial tool that is used for cutting hard elements such as steel, wood, aluminum, plastic, and foam.  This shaping machine is available in small format and large format solutions.

Since the CNC router is controlled by a computer, the machine follows a set of G-code instructions that instruct it to follow a path and carry out an operation.  CNC routers run on two applications: one creates technical designs and converts those designs into machine language instructions (or G-code).  These machines are engineered to perform the same tasks in succession, thus increasing the rate of productivity.

Aside from improving productivity levels, CNC routers allow trade show manufacturers to produce consistent and exact pieces with a very high accuracy rate.  The efficiency of computer controlled routers ensures high repeatability and limits the number of errors.  Since CNC machines are designed to operate with precision, this will potentially result in smooth and evenly shaped slots and frames that can be used as display wall surfaces of a trade show booth.

CNC routers provide trade show display manufacturers with various design and configuration options.  Uniformly trimmed components allow for numerous reconfiguration solutions that can address different needs and requirements of exhibitors.  All in all, CNC routers ensure that each piece and part that comprises a display booth is shaped with accuracy and precision, and thus provides flexibility in terms of structure and design.

For more valuable information regarding trade show booth and trade show supplies, watch this video.

Contact GreveCo Trade Show Booth and DIsplays for Inquiries!

     Contact GreveCo Trade Show Display and Exhibits

Small Business – Wine Retail & The Ideal Wine Storage Option

Wine Storage and Wine Retailing

Wine Storage and Wine Retailing

The small business of wine retailing is a great opportunity for wine lovers to make money off of their favorite pastime.  It also allows them to impart their knowledge of wines to budding wine connoisseurs while earning a living doing what they love most.  Opening up a wine store is an excellent small business venture because of the considerable demand for all types of wines.

 Things You Will Need

The three main things needed in establishing a wine retail business are a liquor license, store location, and furnishings and racking systems.  Securing a liquor license for this small business is required before you can sell your first wine bottle.  Keep in mind that the process for obtaining a liquor license is different in every state.

Scout the best location for setting up your wine business.  Choose a facility that has enough space to accommodate your wine inventory.  Parking availability and the amount of foot traffic in the area should also be considered.  Most importantly, review the zoning of your business location to ensure that selling wines is allowed in the area.

Custom Wine Racks for Wine Storage

Custom Wine Racks for Wine Storage

Select the right mix of furnishings and wine racking systems for your wine store to create an elegant ambiance.  Furnishings provide comfort and convenience to your clients, while wine storage racks are essential to the preservation of the quality of your wine stock.  Racking systems also allow you to organize and display different types of wine bottles for customers to see.

You have the option to sell local wines or vintages from around the world.  Whatever varieties you have on hand, proper wine storage is required in order to maintain their taste and quality over time.  Aside from storing them in climate controlled conditions, the safety and security of your stock should also be taken into account, considering that their value increases over time.

 The Ideal Wine Storage Facility

Check out this Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Miami

Commercial Custom Wine Cellars Miami

A commercial wine storage facility provides storage services to private collectors and wine retailers.  It is a rented space located off-site, where wine bottles are stored.  This wine storage facility has two types: the self-service locker and the full-service facility.

The self-service wine storage locker offers convenience and privacy because it provides separate storage spaces for each renter.  On the other hand, the full-service facility is a shared storage space wherein all renters have access to the site.

These commercial wine cellars Fort Lauderdale Florida are designed to keep wines in an environment wherein the  temperature remains at 55 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity level stays at 70%.  Installing commercial wine cellar cooling units allow storage facilities to properly maintain the conditions inside the facility.  These cooling units are engineered for commercial use and have cooling capacities ideal for any cellar space.

Off-site wine storage can hold larger collections.  Most of these facilities offer 24 hour access to the storage area.  They have backup power systems to ensure that the right conditions are maintained under any circumstances.  Wine storage facilities have security measures in place to protect against theft and burglary.

If you need a space to house your investment, whether you are a wine collector or a wine retailer, commercial wine cellars can provide consistency and stability in terms of storage conditions for storing and aging your wines long-term.

To better promote your business, it is recommended that you invest in putting up a website and create an online shopping option for your future customers.  This way, more people will have easier access to your store and the products you offer. Making use of the internet traffic will definitely offer your business increased visibility.

View some of the best commercial wine cellars we have found at these sites:

Seeing Wine Cellar Construction as an Ideal Form of Business

Collecting wines is increasingly becoming popular among people from different walks of life.  Having your own stash of fine wines is not only a great source of personal enjoyment, but also a good form of investment.  When you start your own wine collection, proper storage is an important factor in order to preserve the taste and flavor of your vintages.

Click here to see more of this wine cellar.

Custom Wine Cellars South Florida Wine Room Pub Table

A wine cellar is considered the best location for storing and aging wines.  As the number of people who collect wine increase, so does the need for a proper storage location for their vintages.  If you are an entrepreneur who is seeking to diversify your business, then you should consider venturing into wine cellar construction.

Although wine cellar building is a relatively small industry, it is rife with opportunities for you to grow your business and carve a niche in this field.  It would also work to your advantage if you were an avid wine collector yourself.  Who better to understand the needs and wants of wine connoisseurs than someone who is also passionate about wines?

Building a wine cellar Miami Florida is the ideal business for someone who understands the importance of proper wine storage and the intricate details involved in preserving the quality of fine wines.  Being an oenophile makes you an effective wine cellar builder, because you have full knowledge of wines as well as the technology behind climate controlled wine storage. All of this you will able to apply to any wine cellar project you take on.

Wine cellar construction is an ideal business venture because it allows you to interact directly and work alongside your clients.  Interacting with your clients gives you an opportunity to know more about their storage needs and display requirements, which you can implement in the design and construction of the wine cellar.

Going into the wine cellar construction business would require a wide range of skills and services.  Since the owner or manager of the company alone can’t provide everything the company requires he needs to staff his business with people who are considered experts in certain areas of wine cellar construction.

Having an in-house design staff is a must since this creates an opportunity for you to collaborate with clients in turning an empty home space into their dream wine storage room.  Your design staff will work with the clients throughout the conceptual development and design execution of the wine cellar project.

Working with a team of skilled craftsmen allows you to provide an exceptional line of wine rack kits, cellar doors, and flooring options for your clients, utilizing only the finest materials on the market.  Additionally, having a team of installation experts should fulfill all structural and technical requirements.

As a wine cellar contractor, you need to hire licensed HVAC technicians to install cooling systems and duct work to ensure that proper ventilation and climate conditions are maintained inside the wine cellar.

Creating a Company Web Site

Putting up a business website will also give you an opportunity to reach a wider audience.  Your website should feature previous wine cellar projects that you have completed to show customers your various architectural and design styles.

Contact Wine Cellar SPecialists for a free consultation.

3D Custom Wine Cellar Design

Most wine cellar builders Dallas Texas provide a free 3D wine cellar drawing that includes wall dimensions and bottle storage capacities to give clients an idea of how their actual wine cellar would look.  This feature lets your clients review the overall design before the construction phase of the wine cellar project begins.

Wine cellar building is the best example of a quintessential business, because the client’s ideas are given importance and become an integral part of the project itself.  There is an open channel communication between wine cellar builders and their clients, which makes it easier for the former to meet the latter’s needs.

Small Business Development: A Look at What is Successful Success in the Small Business Boom–Finding Your Niche

While the economy has entered a slump the small business market has been booming. Millions of unemployed workers are looking for work in any way possible–including self-employment. With so much competition it’s seems hard to start your own business. But there’s plenty of opportunity out there; all you need to do is focus on a strong business niche.

Success doesn’t only come from finding the right business niche, and if you want to compete with the unemployed who have nothing to lose, you’re going to have to act like you have nothing to lose. It’s all about taking risks and seeing where they take you.

Targeting Specific Business Niches: Custom Wine Cellars & Wine Refrigeration

Even though we’re in a recession, there is still plenty of money people are willing to move around, you just need to find out where. You can target the rich, like Los Angeles wine cellar builders have, and there are many successful companies who have found wine cellars to be a great market.

While there are not a lot of people who can afford a wine storage area, those who can find it well worth their money. Restaurants are a good example of companies who often need a place to store their wine, and are looking for a beautiful addition to their restaurant to add to the ambiance.

Examples of Custom Wine Cellar Builders:
Wine Cellar Specialists Custom Wine Cellars California
Coastal Custom Wine Cellars California
International Wine Accessories California

Custom wine cellar building can be a beautiful and unique experience for each owner. Wine lovers want to store their wine in the optimal environment.  This has led to more companies focusing on how to make the optimal wine environment using wine cellar refrigeration units, proper wine cellar doors, wine cabinets, wine racks, and other wine accessories. There’s a lot of money to be made in the wine storage industry.

Wine cabinets, although part of the wine storage industry, are another unique niche. These units are designed to keep wine safe and organized so that you can easily access a certain wine at any time. There are many different kinds of wine cabinets; some units have stemware racks and glass windows to show off wine collections and glasses, to ones with drawers for wine accessories. There are also active wine cabinets that come complete with refrigeration and humidity controls.

Wine cellar doors are another niche industry and are much more than just an entryway to a wine cellar. Because they provide insulation for the wine cellar beyond, and therefore must be able to handle the cold and humidity levels required by wine cellars, they have to be custom made.

With all these aspects of wine cellar construction, you can see how wine cellar builder companies have found success.

This list of companies either specialize in providing clients with complete custom wine cellars or supplying cellar builders with the required components necessary to build custom wine cellars.

Links to a few Wine Cellar Specialists:

Targeting the Rise of Small Business Development

Another growing niche is helping entrepreneurs with their small business development. With more small businesses on the rise there are plenty of opportunities to help. Most small businesses will need help at some time in areas such as incorporation, marketing, SEO and a lot more.

If you happen to be an attorney then one niche that particularly targets small businesses is incorporation.  Helping a small business to incorporate helps them to remove their personal liability from their company.  Helping them to understand they could lose their house or personal assets if they do not incorporate for example, is a worthwhile niche to get into. Incorporation attorneys Gale and Vallance are a good example of a company that has decided to target just such a niche.

Another company that has capitalized on the small business boom is GreveCo and they have been selling trade show booths and displays to businesses large and small. However, as small businesses usually don’t have the marketing power that larger companies have, GreveCo have created trade show stands that small companies can afford.

This allows small businesses to head off to trade shows to show off their products and hopefully get their products seen by the public and investors. These custom made booths come in different varieties and sizes and seek to provide the best experience for small business owners. These custom made booths are re-usable which is really helpful for the budget conscious small business owner going to multiple trade shows.

Hiring a CEO For Scaling Small Businesses, Better Than Promoting the Founder?

As an Orange County California small business experiences business growth, the question that often comes up is: does the company need to hire a CEO?  Managing the company is important, so hiring the best man for the job is integral to a company’s success when you’re scaling small businesses.  The reason that many companies hire a new CEO, instead of making the founder into the CEO, is that the founder usually isn’t as good at managing and taking care of everything.However, there’s another way to get the best management and keep the passion and vision of the founder at the head. What you need to do is build a team around you that complements you. You don’t need to be the perfect CEO, you just need to acknowledge your weaknesses and strengths and build a team that will help you and make you into a better CEO yourself.Hire people with skills and experience in areas that you don’t have as much talent and experience in. If you don’t feel you have very many strengths in any aspect of a CEO then you might want to consider hiring one but remember, you have lots of room to grow.

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A Board of Directors isn’t necessary for a small business, but may become necessary as a company grows.

To be successful you have to know and criticize yourself and learn from those who have more experience than you. That doesn’t mean that you adopt the same strategies and thinking that they do, you still need to keep your creativity and passion for the company. Keeping an open mind is the important point to remember here.

H2: Assessing Yourself as a Small Business Owner and a Potential CEO

Honesty is important in your self-assessment. It’s also important that you get objective assessment from outside sources to help give you a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

Consider finding an experienced entrepreneur who has gone through CEO transitions and has an idea of what traits are necessary for a great CEO. Choose someone who will give you a brutally honest assessment rather than focus on being polite while still giving you support.

You should also build an experienced inner-circle that will also help you to determine what the company needs. Challenge your own view and hire people that will also challenge your view and make sure all members of the group add their own unique insight rather than just taking on the view of the group.

Reward your employees who give you constructive criticism and don’t necessarily reward employees who merely agree with everything you say. Creating open discussions and taking input from anywhere is important.  It’s very uncomfortable to be criticized and to spend long hours debating over the needs of the company but it’s important to push your company to new heights.

Ask yourself if you are really interested in being a CEO. Maybe you’d be a great CEO but you don’t want to spend all your time managing the company. CEOs spend tons of time with all of their responsibilities and you might want to spend your time working on other parts of the company. You might want to take a step back from your company so as to have some time to yourself. As a business grows, a CEO will have more and more responsibilities.

As a small business owner, you may not have a board within the company yet but you probably have people you can talk to about the needs and risks your company may face. Consider replacing people or building a board that can discuss every facet of the company with you or just hiring one person who can balance out opinions or who has the right perspective.

If you’re having trouble with members of your board, spending some time alone with them to discuss what they’re thinking and what’s bothering them is a great way to remove the political dynamics of a board and make your personal relationship with them better. Resolving a disagreement in your small business as quickly as possible is important so it doesn’t get out of hand.

A board should not be the one to make decisions, they should be a group who can assist the founders, or the CEO, and give them honest advice.

Have them push their point of view as far as they want, but don’t allow them to make any of the decisions because if they aren’t able to convince the managing staff of what is needed to ensure business growth and development, then their point of view may not be the right one.

The managing staff will be the one to actually follow out these orders, and if they are doing something they don’t agree with they won’t do it nearly as well.

Incorporating Your Scaling Small Business for Growth

When your small business goes through business growth you’ll want to prepared for the changes your company will have to make in order to grow it into a bigger business. One of the main things you need to do is incorporate your small business development so you aren’t held liable for it if it goes under or for its debt. Even if your company is still a small business you could benefit from incorporating it.

Growing into a Large Enterprise is the Dream of Many Small Businesses; Incorporating Can Help Make That Dream a Reality

Forming an LLC or a Limited Liability Corporation is a great plan to make your business last for the long haul. One major reason for you to form a corporation is to remove your liability. That means that if your company tanks you won’t have to take the hit in your personal assets such as your house, car or personal belongings.

Credibility is another big reason that companies incorporate. Rather than just having a simple name like ‘Bob’s Refrigeration’ it would become ‘Bob’s Refrigeration LLC’ or ‘Bob’s Refrigeration Inc.’ Not all customers prefer to do business with a corporation, but there are plenty who do.

If you’re planning on selling your business in the future incorporating your small business development is a great idea. If you don’t have your business incorporated when you leave your business or die, the business will just end. Scaling small businesses often end up being sold to larger corporations and making sure the company is transferred to the buyer is important.

Tax flexibility is another great part of incorporating. A corporation or LLC can avoid double taxes from corporate dividends and profits as well elect to be taxed as a corporation.

Choosing between whether to form a corporation or an LLC can be a difficult choice but luckily there are some clear cut differences that make it easier to decide. An LLC can choose whether or not to file as a corporation or an individual, which is a great flexibility that corporations don’t offer. To form a corporation you need to be a legal US resident but with an LLC you don’t need to be. An LLC doesn’t have to schedule an annual meeting or minute book. A disadvantage to an LLC is that they cannot issue stock, they aren’t able to engage in corporate splitting.

Some advantages to a corporation is that you can issue stock, and you can split the corporate tax liability. You’ll run into some double taxation of corporation profits and shareholder dividends. You have to hold annual meetings and record minutes. There’s a limit on number of owners you can have in an S Corporation.

Forming an S Corporation is a better idea over a C Corporation. With an S Corporation you won’t be doubly taxed on your profits and your shareholder dividends which can attract a lot more shareholders. Both S Corporations and C Corporations need to file their taxes yearly and pay taxes quarterly.

Another option if you are a non-profit organization is to apply for non-profit corporation status. There are a whole slew of advantages to this. The biggest advantage is that you can become tax-exempt and not have to pay any taxes on your profits. Another one is if someone donates money to your certified non-profit corporation they can write it off as tax deductible, a great way to encourage people to donate to your organization.

Some taxes on property will be exempt with your non profit corporation. Non-profits are exempt from paying property taxes under state law in all 50 states to help them accomplish their goals.  Applying for a non-profit corporation status helps appeal to donors who are unsure if they should donate.    A small plus is that you will pay less in postage, which can potentially save you a fair bit of money because USPS offers a discounted rate of postage for non profits. It doesn’t apply to all non profits, and checking with your local postal office is the best way to find out if you’re eligible.

Sometimes choosing which type of corporation you should apply for can be a little bit hazy. Working with a good California Small Business Attorney Services firm to help you understand every advantage and disadvantage to each corporation is a great way to decide. They can run the numbers for you and see what would benefit your small business the most.

Preparing for the Future: Scaling and Small Business Development

Scaling a Small Business is a lot of Hard Work but is Necessary for Business Growth

Having a scaling small business plan in place for your small business is important if you want to make the transition from small business to corporation or big business. Not many small businesses have scaling in mind, but when dealing with business growth, building your business around scaling is important.

It’s much easier said than done but small business scaling and business development generally is not impossible if you’re smart about it.

The first thing you should do is document everything. Whether you’re training an employee, or documenting a business procedure it should be done as soon as possible. This way you’ll have access to all the transactions and training you’ve ever done. When you become a large enterprise you can simply give access to the transactions to your accountants and the training to your new employees. Training can be done either through written documentation or by filming it. In the case of the procedures, you can review them and see what needs to be changed to streamline the procedures.

An Accountant Can Give You the Best Insight for Scaling Small Businesses

Hiring an accountant early on in your business is another great idea to help you scale your business. You don’t need to hire an accountant full time, but have one run your numbers and figure out how exactly to scale your business. Scaling small businesses is a lot easier with someone who can help you understand the numbers and give you the ability to make the best choices as you’re moving on. Basically, if you’re going to restructure or expand your company, discuss it with an accountant.

Finding out if your company is doing well will help you make the transition to a larger enterprise as you can modify your procedures and strategies, but figuring it out is a lot more than just sales numbers. There’s a lot of trial and error to determine what to measure. It might be the number of people who called or walked into your store, or an assortment of other factors.

 Incorporating Your Scaling Small Business to Protect Yourself

When you become a big business, you are going to have a lot more liability. When you’re making the transition you’ll probably want to incorporate your Los Angeles California small business. Protecting your business and yourself is important, and you can do it with many legal entities such as an LLC, corporation, or S Corp. It does cost a bit of money to incorporate but it’s very important to your scaling small business. Some partnerships will still make sense, but you don’t want to stay a sole proprietor or a partnership for too long.

What incorporating does is remove your personal liability from the company. That means you won’t lose money from your personal bank account or lose your home if your company fails. There are also some significant tax benefits and advantages when you become a corporation.

Information runs throughout your whole business and keeping as little information in your head as possible is the best strategy. You’re only human so you’ll likely forget things from time to time which means having it in a database where it’s not going to get lost is an important strategy. Have your employees keep their information written down or stored so they don’t lose it as well.

Remembering everything can make dealing with clients and firms a lot better and even bring in more sales. Even if you have an amazing memory, as you experience business growth you’ll have a harder and harder time keeping track of everything.

Find out what all of your responsibilities are, and create job positions along with detailed descriptions that take care of those responsibilities. That way, when you can no longer handle everything by yourself, you can hire someone easily and not have to worry about that responsibility anymore. It’s a lot better to plan ahead for jobs rather than hire someone and try to figure out which responsibilities they should take on.

In order to plan for all of these bumps in the road, plan some growth management meetings to figure out exactly how you’re going to handle your business growth. That way you’ll be completely prepared for scaling small businesses.

Finding Funding For Small Business Development & Startups in California

When you’ve created a grand idea for a small business in Los Angeles California or elsewhere, you don’t want to be limited by how much money you have starting out. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to get funding for your company if you know where to look.

Grants and Loans as Ways to Fund Your Small Business Start-up

Grants are possibly one of the best ways to get started because they’re basically loans that you don’t have to pay back. However, grants are only given out to certain companies and have many different stringent policies that determine if you’re eligible. A lot of it depends on where your business is starting up and what your business is doing.

Some places will give you a grant if you are starting up a renewable energy company, because people don’t mind trying to help those types of businesses. Some areas need to expand their tourism industry, so if you’re in the tourism industry you might get a grant. The last grant you can receive is for a child care center and it all depends on where you are. To get the grant, you will probably have to match the grant with a loan or with other funds. It varies depending on which business and who is giving you the grant. Grants are usually for start up business development or small business growth and are extremely competitive.

Loans are another great way to get some startup capital. Take out as small of a loan as possible, and try to get as low of an interest rate as possible so that you’ll eventually break even with your revenue. A lot of the time it’s hard for a start up business to get a loan as banks usually don’t want to invest in something risky.

Signing a Loan is Relatively Simple if Your Small Business has Assets

However, the SBA, or the Small Business Association can help get you a loan with a bank. The way this works is that banks usually will not loan money without some type of collateral. Since small businesses usually don’t own buildings or other assets they usually have no collateral to use. Sometimes a small business will have to use personal assets as collateral, which is extremely risky because you run the risk of losing your house. The SBA will agree to cover 75% of the loss, which will help reduce the risk that the bank is taking in giving you the loan which will help you get that loan. It’s important to note that the SBA won’t lend you any money themselves, so it’s still possible you won’t be able to get the loan. Another way to space yourself away from the company and negate the risk of losing your house if the company fails is to incorporate your small business.

The Many Sources of Equity Financing for Your Small Business Development

Equity financing is still a very popular way of finding funding for a company. Several business developments will look towards friends and family members as a source of funding, but sometimes that can be a difficult move. If your business fails it can sometimes ruin relationships so make sure to weigh how important those relationships are to you compared to how sure you are your company will do well. That being said, these types of funding are usually very convenient and don’t require many contractual strings.

Equity financing doesn’t only come from your family though, but finding an investor is hard to do. There are several ‘angel’ investors out there who invest in start up companies and small businesses. They’re called angels because they are generally very patient and friendly towards their investments. They also have been known to give business training and tips towards their investments and help them out in general. They can be pretty hard to find though, so don’t hold your breath.

Venture Capitalists are a lot more common than ‘angel’ investors, but they usually don’t deal with start ups. If you’re a little bit further along and have a good track record, finding a venture capitalist is a good idea to expand your business growth. The problem with them is that they have pretty high standards and scaling small businesses usually face problems with handling their business growth. The thing with this is that you’re going to have to share control, and you might be selling your company in 3-5 years so be prepared for that. If you get involved with a venture capitalist, you are probably going to see your business development incorporated and learn more about incorporating before you pursue funding from venture capitalists:

Funding shouldn’t come from a single source, and if you can combine a fair number of these funding sources you should be doing pretty well. And remember that you aren’t required to give up control of your company if you don’t want to, just remember that without an investor’s help you probably won’t experience business growth as quickly.

Doing-It-All-Yourself – Small Business Development California – The Myth


Multi-Tasking in Your Small Business Development

Orange County California small business owners often think that if they can do it their selves, it will save them money and help out business growth. Business owners don’t want to waste money outsourcing any of the work they need to do in marketing, delivery, incorporation attorneys, accounting, or sales. While some of the work you can do yourself and end up just fine, such as accounting and delivery, marketing and sales are an entirely different game.

You might have read a few books on marketing, or think that you know everything about marketing to be able to do it yourself, but there’s quite a bit of information that you don’t know that you don’t know. A qualified marketing team knows everything there is to know about marketing and can create a better marketing strategy than you could ever make if you did it yourself. There’s a reason that there are countless firms and people that specialize in marketing, because not everyone can do it easily.

You are Biased and Subjective About Your Business Development

Besides not being nearly as good as a specialist, you’ll also tend to be a lot more subjective. Great marketing strategies have always needed to come from unbiased, objective people. A business owner will usually be incredibly passionate about their business development, and while passion is a good thing in general, it will make a person subjective. You need to see everything that you’re doing wrong in your marketing, which a lot of business owners are unable to do–simply because they’re subjective. Great CEOs have benefited from having a marketing team instead of doing it their selves.

Even if you had all the know-how with marketing in the world, you’d be at a disadvantage to marketing specialists. Most of them have a knack for marketing, and know how to sell a product, something that you can’t hope to match no matter what classes you go to or what books you read.

Going along with the talent required to create great marketing, you need to remember that marketing is a lot more than just a formulaic process that you can follow to a tee and pull out great marketing. You’ll need a lot of creativity to make a great marketing strategy. Using the same marketing strategy of thousands of different companies might help bring in some sales, but it’s nothing compared to a unique and custom built strategy based on your product and company.

Specialists will also have a better grasp of what types of marketing strategies you should focus on, whether you should invest more into SEO content, or content marketing, or even just improve the design or readability of your sites or blogs. Be sure to avoid business development scams and don’t believe everything you hear from a ‘magic marketing company’.

Another thing to realize is that you physically cannot do everything yourself, business development is already very demanding. You are human, and have limited capabilities. There is only so much time in the day to get everything done, and as you have more business growth, you’re going to have to cram more and more things into your day. It’s a lot of hard work, and even if you’re able to squash everything into one day with a few hours of sleep, it’s definitely not sustainable, and at some point you’re going to crack.

It’s Not Only Wasting Your Time, but It’s Ruining Your Business Growth

Doing it all yourself is not as cost effective as you think. Sure you’ll save a few bucks on marketing, but you won’t get nearly as much money out of it as you would if you went to a professional marketing firm or hired a professional marketing team for your company. The key to making the best out of marketing is to find the right person for the job. There are great marketers that you can find to add to your company, and don’t just hire the first person you find for the job.

Don’t feel you are making enough revenue to hire a marketing person? Remember, there are options, there are a lot of good marketing people out there that are willing to work part time, as 1099 employees or work just on specific projects. Remember it’s about working smarter not harder!

And also remember to factor in what your time is worth. If you’re spending countless hours on a marketing project and can’t focus as well or put as much time into other projects, you’re going to make a lot less money.You’re going to create work that someone who’s taken a few courses or read a few books could make, and hiring someone like that is a lot cheaper than wasting your time–time that is worth a great deal of money for what you do.

Traits Successful Small Business Owners Contribute to Successful Business Development

Small businesses are the keystone of our economy, and they make up more than half of the businesses run in the US today. A small business is defined as a business that employs less than 500 individuals. While small businesses are important, individuals are finding that creating one is becoming increasingly harder. In a down economy, transforming a small business that is ‘under water’ into a successful one is difficult.

Positive Traits for Owners of Successful Small Businesses

Small Business Niche & Successful Businessman Traits

While not all small business owners share these traits, a fair number of successful small business owners share a few traits in common including:

  • Realism: Be honest to yourself. You aren’t going to make it very far if you aren’t going to be honest about the company and yourself. Be honest about your ability as a person and don’t stretch yourself too thin. If you have a lot on your plate, it’s important to delegate to someone else who can accomplish it so you don’t get bogged down with all the little details.

  • Taking Time for yourself: Don’t tell yourself that you can handle spending all of your time at work. While it’s important to spend a fair bit of time working when you’re just starting out, you can’t handle everything that is going on. If you find yourself working over 80 hours a week you should try to delegate the work to one of your employees, or if you don’t have any employees you should look into getting one or more. And while working 70 to 80 hours a week starting out is necessary for most small businesses, you can’t sustain that amount of time forever; you aren’t superhuman. Not only will long hours cut into every part of your life, it could interfere with your ability to manage your company.

  • Personal Relations: Work on your people skills. Be able to delegate, collaborate, and just learn to build strong relationships with everyone around you. Work with other firms and contractors for your accounting staff, incorporation attornies, and sales people. Once you can do that you will find yourself with more clients and your company will be on track for success

  • Tech Savvy: Technology is the driving force behind successful small businesses. It’s a great resource, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on using it. If you’re not incredibly tech-savvy, make it a priority to find people and firms that can do it for you. Invest in your website. Not only building it, but maintaining it. That means you respond to queries and comments from your site users, it also means keeping your site up to date with the latest social media innovations and technology. A blog of news or new developments your company is creating is a great way to keep it up. In a survey of successful small businessmen, many of them are likely to “rely a great deal on technology to help make our business more effective and efficient.”
  • Motivated: Successful small business owners don’t worry as much about a down economy, and instead try to innovate and accomplish even with an imperfect situation. Remember that adversity isn’t always a bad thing, and can actually help you succeed as a small business. If you go through repeated failure, giving up is something that should never be on your mind. If it’s hard for you to handle failure, try to think of it as an experience that will help you understand what not to do the next time you try.

  • Finding your Small Business Niche: Knowing who to advertise to, where to advertise, where to set up your business and whether or not your company should market globally are all factors you should think about with your business. If you have a product or service it might only sell in one area, and marketing it on a global scale will just use up valuable resources. As a rule of thumb, expanding your business much more than locally in the beginning will set you up for failure. A small business niche doesn’t necessarily have to be small, but it needs to be focused.

Small Business Development & Growth

Having these traits can help determine your company’s success, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your small business is going to succeed if you have them. Business development is hard to predict, even the smartest investors can be wrong about a company. No product is doomed to fail from the start, but knowing what people are interested in and catering to the market’s needs can lead to success.

Wine Cellar Construction a Booming Small Business Market? California and..?

Custom Wine Cellars, the new hot tubs?  Some say they are.  In fact a surprising number of people, both from the end user market and also a lot of those owning commercial small businesses are having a purpose built custom wine room installed.

Commercial Wine Displays & Restaurant Wine Cellars

Some, as in the case of restaurant owners see a cooled and highly visible wine cellar as an opportunity to expand their merchandise into more up-market select wines.  In this economic climate, any opportunity to increase profits without the need to find more customers can be seen as a significant boon.

By creating a stunning wine display highly visible to clients, the overall impression can be that the establishment is one where high quality wine are available.  In interviews with our small business hospitality community it has been suggested that clients will often spend two to three times as much on a bottle of wine if they believe they are sampling something special.

Residential Home Wine Cellar Room Conversions

For home owners too, converting an unused or uninteresting basement room into a beautiful wine cellar can create a visually exciting and unusual feature in their home.  A home feature that can provide direct benefits such as storing and properly aging a wine collection as well as a location for entertainment, or even a wine tasting party.

Wine Room Construction – Strongest Markets

Locations where this market is reported to be particularly strong are reported to be in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, California, New York & New Jersey, South Florida particularly Miami and West Palm Beach.  Also Chicago, Illinois & Dallas in Texas.

Wine Cellar Builders – Small Local Businesses with Focus

Custom wine cellar builders and wine refrigeration construction contractors are often general builders, finished carpenters and HVAC engineers who have discovered this exciting and growing niche to focus on.  Being a general builder or contractor in growth times can be lucrative, however in down markets life can be difficult and many can go out of business.

Smart small business owners can do well if they can find an alternative to general contracting work in a very specific niche, one where they can port their skills to provide services that are in demand.  The value of a narrow niche can be that it may be perceived as very specialized allowing higher fees as well as making it possible for laser targeted marketing.  Focus on marketing of this kind can produce excellent results.

Best of all, the custom wine cellar room conversion market seems all set to keep growing!

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