Small Business Development: A Look at What is Successful Success in the Small Business Boom–Finding Your Niche

While the economy has entered a slump the small business market has been booming. Millions of unemployed workers are looking for work in any way possible–including self-employment. With so much competition it’s seems hard to start your own business. But there’s plenty of opportunity out there; all you need to do is focus on a strong business niche.

Success doesn’t only come from finding the right business niche, and if you want to compete with the unemployed who have nothing to lose, you’re going to have to act like you have nothing to lose. It’s all about taking risks and seeing where they take you.

Targeting Specific Business Niches: Custom Wine Cellars & Wine Refrigeration

Even though we’re in a recession, there is still plenty of money people are willing to move around, you just need to find out where. You can target the rich, like Los Angeles wine cellar builders have, and there are many successful companies who have found wine cellars to be a great market.

While there are not a lot of people who can afford a wine storage area, those who can find it well worth their money. Restaurants are a good example of companies who often need a place to store their wine, and are looking for a beautiful addition to their restaurant to add to the ambiance.

Examples of Custom Wine Cellar Builders:
Wine Cellar Specialists Custom Wine Cellars California
Coastal Custom Wine Cellars California
International Wine Accessories California

Custom wine cellar building can be a beautiful and unique experience for each owner. Wine lovers want to store their wine in the optimal environment.  This has led to more companies focusing on how to make the optimal wine environment using wine cellar refrigeration units, proper wine cellar doors, wine cabinets, wine racks, and other wine accessories. There’s a lot of money to be made in the wine storage industry.

Wine cabinets, although part of the wine storage industry, are another unique niche. These units are designed to keep wine safe and organized so that you can easily access a certain wine at any time. There are many different kinds of wine cabinets; some units have stemware racks and glass windows to show off wine collections and glasses, to ones with drawers for wine accessories. There are also active wine cabinets that come complete with refrigeration and humidity controls.

Wine cellar doors are another niche industry and are much more than just an entryway to a wine cellar. Because they provide insulation for the wine cellar beyond, and therefore must be able to handle the cold and humidity levels required by wine cellars, they have to be custom made.

With all these aspects of wine cellar construction, you can see how wine cellar builder companies have found success.

This list of companies either specialize in providing clients with complete custom wine cellars or supplying cellar builders with the required components necessary to build custom wine cellars.

Links to a few Wine Cellar Specialists:

Targeting the Rise of Small Business Development

Another growing niche is helping entrepreneurs with their small business development. With more small businesses on the rise there are plenty of opportunities to help. Most small businesses will need help at some time in areas such as incorporation, marketing, SEO and a lot more.

If you happen to be an attorney then one niche that particularly targets small businesses is incorporation.  Helping a small business to incorporate helps them to remove their personal liability from their company.  Helping them to understand they could lose their house or personal assets if they do not incorporate for example, is a worthwhile niche to get into. Incorporation attorneys Gale and Vallance are a good example of a company that has decided to target just such a niche.

Another company that has capitalized on the small business boom is GreveCo and they have been selling trade show booths and displays to businesses large and small. However, as small businesses usually don’t have the marketing power that larger companies have, GreveCo have created trade show stands that small companies can afford.

This allows small businesses to head off to trade shows to show off their products and hopefully get their products seen by the public and investors. These custom made booths come in different varieties and sizes and seek to provide the best experience for small business owners. These custom made booths are re-usable which is really helpful for the budget conscious small business owner going to multiple trade shows.