Wine Cellar Design – Accessorize your Wine Cellar Using Wine Barrel Carvings

As the trend in collecting and displaying wines continue to grow, residential and commercial wine cellar builders are taking steps to come up with a new and interesting wine cellar design, from the entryway to the lighting scheme, flooring design and wine cellar accessories.

One of the most interesting ways of accessorizing a wine cellar is adding a wine barrel carving art piece.  This creative décor is something that any wine cellar owner should be excited about.

Wine Barrels

                                Wine Barrels Used in Wine Barrel Carving

Wine barrels are used as storage containers specifically during wine aging and transporting of wines.  Wine barrels are made of wood and can be recycled into various decorative pieces after they have served their purpose as wine storage containers (wine barrels have an average life span of three years).  Reclaimed wine barrels are preferred by most artisans because of the characteristic historic appeal they conjure.

Only a few wood artisans are passionate enough to continue the art of hand carving wine barrels, and one of them is the ingenious Peter Forbes.  He works hand in hand with Coastal Custom Wine Cellars to offer clients who want to provide their wine cellar with a unique wine barrel carving design. This is also a way for Coastal to promote the company’s business growth in the wine cellar design industry.

Clients can present their own design to the artisan ,or the artisan can work with the clients to produce a wine barrel carving design that suits their preference.  Peter starts his wine barrel carving art work with a sketch and then presents it to the client for approval.  Once the client approves, he will then start to hand-carve the design to produce an exquisite wine cellar adornment.

The good thing about wine barrel carvings is that they can take various forms: barrels on stands, corporate logos, driftwood pieces, wall-mounted painting and paddles, table tops, signage and many other creative configurations that can be done with reclaimed wine barrels.

Wine Barrel Carvings in Various Forms

                        Wine Barrel Carvings in Various Forms

The part of the wine barrel most often used in carving is the barrel head.  The barrel head has a diameter of approximately 24 inches and weight of 32 pounds on average.  The hoops and staves that surround the barrel head measure about four to five inches.

The limitless wine barrel carving design that the skillful Peter Forbes can carve as well as paint into the barrel head offer clients a wide array of styles to choose from.  There are cave man paintings, train station paintings, lake paintings, eagles, spiders, bears, cupcakes, grape fruits, vineyards and basically any carving styles that the mind can conceive.

Look at these finished wine barrel carvings that Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers to their clients:

Wine Barrel Carving Design

                                                      Wine Barrel Carving Design

If you are just starting on your wine cellar design and want to include wine barrel carvings, it is best to consult Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and request their free consultation and wine cellar design package. Their genuine service, quality wine cellar projects and wine storage products, and uniquely designed wine cellar accessories can surely help you build your dream wine cellar, may it be for personal or commercial use.